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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Life with three month old twins...

Life with Twins.... Ohh the amazing moments and difficult challenges.. On the most part the amazing moments far out shadow the difficult challenges, however when things get tough it really can be all you think about. Have we mastered soothing two babies melting down at the same time by yourself? Not quite, are we closer then we were before, we sure are! 

Jordyn and Sawyer have been exceptional babies, they generally do not fuss to often and are already sleeping between 7-9 hours over night. As new parents we are continuing to learn what our kids cues are. What does a hungry cry sound like, what does gassy cry sound like and what does "I just feel like crying" cry sound like. At first this was one of biggest challenges. Our automatic reaction when they cried was just to feed them which we have learned quickly was not the right response. Babies will cry for many different reasons and feeding is not always the solution. 

We had our imunization day recently, they had their first round of shots and let me tell you it was emotionally not a great experience but we know it needs to be done for the health and well being of our little ones. The first round is three needles and each needle they let out this ear peicing scream that just broke our hearts. As I look deeply into their eyes I see how upsetting this experience is for them and it was the first time I saw true tears come out of there little eyes. After it was done I held Jordyn close to my chest, rocked her, loved her and she calmed within seconds and fell fast asleep. To be able to provide that comfort to her was such a rewarding moment to know that I was able to give her what she needed to calm herself. That was one baby down, now one more to go.. Gawd we had to do it all over again, could our hearts take it....This time it was Brett with Sawyer, the exact same process and experience. I sat back and watched Brett lock eyes with Sawyer to let him know Dad was here and that he was safe. He only cried for a quick moment and then curled up into Bretts neck and fell asleep. They really did great, no fevers  and they seem to have responded very well. 

Brett and I were also asked to be part of the Vancouver Provinces kick of to Pride Week. Knowing the dynamic of our family we said of course we would love to be apart of this as it could connect to many couples that could see value in our story and inspire hope. It was an incredibly beautifully written article that Celebrated "Family and Community". They really focused a lot on what Chilliwack as a community is perceived as and how it has evolved far past what most would think to celebrate and welcome families like ours with open arms. We live in a beautiful community neastled in the mountains surounded by lakes. I have to say the people of Chilliwack are just as beautiful as what surrounds it.

Over the past couple weeks we have had some fun milestones for the kids. The huge smiles and giggles have come out. Little Sawyers smile littlerly takes over his entire face, it is just full of happiness and I honestly can not get enough of it. And our little Jordyn always a couple steps ahead of her "younger brother"  has not only shown us her beautiful smile she has had some way to adorable laughing fits. Seriously you two your killing me, way to cute! I guess I am a little bias though! 

Life has continued to move along and we have really learned to adapt to our new amazing life as parents. The kids come everywhere we went before they came into this world. This past weekend we spent it at a local charity baseball tournament as we cheered dad's team on. We even made a quick visit out to see some friends who where camping locally. It really seems to get easier by the day. 

I also recently received a new book I just started reading called "This is ridiculous this is amazing". It's a book around life as a dad and the fun light hearted side of survival. It's a great read and I am really enjoying it so far. This book came as a gift from a very nice man who had read our story in the province and wanted to reach out to us. We have been keeping in touch since and it was such a nice gesture and gift. We have also received several other cards and messages since the province article of love and support. Such a beautiful world we live in. 

Brett and I also just celebrated our 5 year Aniversary! Crazy 5 years ago we were sitting across from one another having dinner at the keg. We talked about everything, shared story's, shared dreams and one of those dreams was to have kids and start a family one day. Well look at us Brett, 5 years later we have fullfilled several of those dreams and we have so many years ahead of to fufill the rest! Feeling blessed for my family, my friend and everything that brings us all together!

Blog again soon my friends!