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Saturday, 15 November 2014

These kids are a Moving and Growing!

 Hello Friends, 

Been a couple weeks since I last posted! 

So since then we have moved Jordyn and Sawyer into their own rooms and dealt with a very cranky Sawyer as he has made it very clear that his place to sleep is in daddies room not his own room. We have been trying to stay strong and not cracking by bringing them back to our room and that has been challenging. 

Jordyn has been such a champ through this transition but Sawyer has woken up every couple hours but will fall back asleep as soon as we come and gently caress his face or put his soother back in. His cries are to make sure we are still there since he can't hear or see us as he did when he was in the bassinet beside us. 

We have also been dealt with our first bad diaper rash with Jordyn.. This has been a hard one for us. We both have felt a guilt around this as if this is our fault. We know it's not, but you never want any sort of discomfort for your kids. Happy to report this is getting much better and have learnt different tricks from friends and family to manage this as they come and go. 

The last couple days have been very eventful for the kids, it's as if over night they became stronger and more mobile! They are been rolling from front to back and back to front non stop now. They are also eating rice cereal now, we started with it in their formula and now being fed with a spoon which is to cute to see this next stage. 

The kids have also started teething.. Eeeek it's just really begun and it's so challenging to deal with.. With them not being able to directly communicate with us we rely heavily on cues and signs as they come and go. As all with kids read this they can all understand how challenging this can be with one baby let alone two. We will make it through this as all do, they just need some extra love when times get "tough". 

I have also nominated my amazing partner for a three day trip away to rest, relax and recharge! This is a contest through a lgbtq family website "gays with kids". I have nominated Brett because he has been our rock since our little ones have come home. 

He left his role at work which was promising for advancements to raise our children and create a safe loving environment for them. In the early days changing upwards of 30 diapers a day, multiple clothing changes, multiple feedings and the dreadful late night and early morning "wake up calls" our little man has been offering lately. 

Being a full time working dad, waking up every morning I leave work feeling so good knowing that our little ones are in such loving care with their Daddy. I love racing home to Brett and the kids and hearing all the updates and exciting moments he shared with the kids throughout the day. I love him and our kids so so much, I am blessed with such a beautiful family. 

I ask that we all come together and share our support to my loving man by voting for this very special gift for him. 

3 days to be all about him. 3 days to be able to shower without screaming babies. 3 days to be able to sleep in and wake up refreshed. 3 days for me to show him just how much we love him and just how special he is. 

You can vote by clicking the link below. Share with your friends and family if you can and perhaps we can share this special trip together. 

Copy and paste below link to vote 😊

Lots of love, blog soon my friends!