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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Thinking of you Baby A and Baby B...

Today is Christmas and a great one at that. We woke up this morning to Brett's sister and our adorable little niece Ali waiting to open presents! This was Ali's first christmas and it was so cute to see the entire morning revolved around her to celebrate her first Christmas. I can't help but be excited to relive these moments next Christmas for our little ones first Christmas.

I find myself sitting back and observing much more then I did before. Taking in every minute and moment I can and reflecting how much Brett and mines life is about to change. This new journey we are about to embark on is something we have waited for so long.

My parental instincts are kicking in already, the first thing I thought of as my eyes opened this morning was our little ones and wondering how Raylene was feeling. This seems to be what I
]\ think about most these days. As I close my eyes to go to bed I say a little "prayer" for good health for Raylene and our Babies and I dream about them through the night and wonder how they are doing when I wake up.

This past weekend Brett and I went to yearly Dungrate Family carolling party. Its something we look forward to every single year and it has evolved every single year. Brett has been friends with the Dungate family since he was a kid and he's shared so many fond memories he has had with this incredible family. I myself have known them for going on 5 years and this was my 4th Carolling Party and one of the fun and exciting things I have observed is how the children are multiplying. Every year another baby or two comes into this incredible circle of friends and can't wait for next years carolling party where we can introduce our new additions into the lives of this family and friends we have met over the years. Another exciting fact, is Mandy (One of the Dungate Kids) is pregnant too and actually due the same day as us!              


Sunday December 22nd, 2013

We had another ultrasound to check in on our little ones and see how they are doing. Many have asked how Raylene is doing and I am happy to report she is feeling incredible! She has had zero morning sickness, which is awesome! The only symptoms she has really had has been food aversion and shes been extremely fatigued. Jeremy has been incredible as usual and has supported her and helped her long the way. Shes so lucky to have such an amazing supportive husband and so are we.

Ok back to the ultrasound....They are growing perfectly and there little hearts are beating strong! During our last ultrasound they were measuring about two days apart however this time Baby B caught up in size and they are measuring the same now. Baby A had a heart rate of 174 and Baby B's heart rate was 151. Some have shared this could be a sign of one boy and one girl, which would be very exciting but we would be happy with any combination.

Moving forward we will have one ultrasound per month to make sure they are growing and staying healthy. Its exciting to be able to check in on them so often, but before you know it they will be warm and safe in our arms.

Well thats all I got at the moment, I hope all those of you that are reading this this morning are having an amazing Christmas with those you love and thanks for taking the time and checking in on our little ones.