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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Today we heard your heartbeat...

Today was the long awaited ultrasound that we have all been waiting for. It was quite a morning as every thought of what could be was rushing through all of our heads. We were all hoping for the best but fearing for the worst and everything in between.

As we are getting ready Brett and I meet each other at the bottom of the stairs and quickly realize that we are wearing the same clothes! Dark blue jeans with gray and white stripped shirts lol… Was this a sign? What ever it was it was a funny way to kick started our day with a good laugh. 

As we are driving out to Vancouver for our appointment we are chatting about the last couple days that have lead to some unfortunate fears. Raylene has had some spotting in the last couple days that made all our minds go crazy. We once again hopped on the Internet searching for answers and found everything from this is a sign of twins to the scariest of conclusions. We all decided to stop searching for answers and trust that we are deserving parents and that everything was going to be ok.

We pull into the underground parking lot and I have once again those familiar feelings but x100… My heart was racing so much I could have almost passed out.  By the time we get upstairs into the waiting area I can't stay still.. I go from sitting in the chair, to sitting on the ground to walking around the lobby all while my mind is racing and praying. I attempt to read a magazine but all I see is images on the pages but can't take in the words. My mind is overcome with the prospect of us being dads. Our heart, our soul, our mind want this so bad and we don't want any results that could interfere with that becoming a reality. 

Shortly after arriving we got called in to the ultrasound room. As we sit and wait it was the first time that day I felt calm and at peace. I knew at that very moment that everything was going to be ok even before we got the exciting news…Call it a sense, call it whatever you want but it was truly special for me to feel what I feeling. 

As Dr Taylor starts the ultrasound she says there’s your TWINS! We all stay quite and don't say a word.. She had to say it twice for us to actually comprehend this exciting news! As all our eyes welled up including Dr Taylor's we all hear not only one strong healthy heart beat but we hear two. Raylene is carrying two fraternal twins which is so exciting because that means both embryos took.

This has been such a long road to get to this point but hearing those heart beats made every second of all the ups and down worth it. As we all sit in the room in aww we are mesmerized by each beat of each of their beautiful hearts. I am so excited to watch them grow and develop into perfect little loving siblings and additions to our family.

Dr Taylor shared her excitement with us and we truly knew it was coming from the heart. This team has been so genuine and supportive since day one and I am so happy I have them to help us and guild us through this journey.

The support we have received over the last two years has been endless and we could not be blessed with better friends and family. Right from late last night to early this morning a steady flow of text messages came through sending us thoughts and prayers for our big day. we are blessed to have all of you and you have no idea what an incredible impact you have had on our lives and we love and thank you for that.

I will end this entry with a note to our little "Baby A" and "Baby B"

"Today we heard your hearts beat little ones and it made your daddies so proud. It was as if our heart were all in sync. We have wanted you for so long and today we were reassured you were growing and staying strong. We cant wait to hold you, love you and share you to the world. Rest well our little ones, your daddies can't wait to meet you. "