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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Day One after transfer

Day one after transfer I get the call from Olive Fertility Clinic and they unfortunately advise me that none of the remaining embryos made it to the stage they needed to be for freezing. This was very upsetting for us both as we wanted to have a "healthy back up" if round one didn't work. I immediately got very worried and upset but quickly came to realize that I need to stay positive and understand that our odds are in our favour for the two that are transferred and we have one very healthy embryo frozen. I shared the news with brett and he went down that same dark road that I quickly bounced out of. I shared encouraging words, excitement and positive thoughts with him and encouraged him to stay present with what is going on now and we will worry about what to do if this does not work the first time when the time comes. I want him to enjoy this ride, as stressful as it is, it is very beautiful at the same time.