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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Finding our Egg Donor

Currently Canada does not have an Egg Donor program so we had no choice but to go down a very expensive road of an anomonous egg donor out of the USA.  We got connected to this site that had all these woman's profiles with details about them and their pictures. It was a very surreal process.  As we dug deeper we found out just how expensive this process was and it had no guarantee of working. Brett and I had been saving every extra penny we had to pay for this process but then were faced with a very real reality of there is no guarantee and we could put every penny of our savings into this and be left with nothing but a void in our hearts.

I had many conversations with Sue at this point, and I became a broken record on my concerns and fears. Again she lifted me up, dusted me off and said we will figure this out together. She then suggested the option of seeing if a friend or family member would be open to the idea of being an egg donor for us as it could potential increase our chances of success as we would be working with fresh eggs, rather then frozen from the Donor Egg Bank out of the USA. I was again faced with how do I ever ask someone to do that for us. I spoke with Raylene about what was tabled as an option and what does this incredible woman do.... She gets on the phone and starts sharing our story with her friends with the hopes someone with an open heart and mind would want to help us.

Raylene msg's me hours later with three woman who wanted to help us. That heart pounding moment that I felt when she offered to be our surrogate came rushing back as my eyes whelled up I turned to Brett in our moment of helplessness and shared the news. He was speechless and will never forget the look in his eyes. It was a look of hope, something so special that I will forever hold in my heart.