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Saturday, 9 November 2013

A little bit about us....

Brett and I met in 2009 and have been together now for going on five years. We connected on levels that I have never felt before. We met on the ever so popular dating site Plenty of Fish and chatted for almost a year before actually meeting. Conversation was effortless and free flowing and when we finally met we both knew we had something special to hold tight too. August 30th, 2009 was the day I knew I found the man I was going to grow old with, buy a home with and fill that home with a beautiful family.

In May of 2013, on Brett's 30th Birthday, and our annual trip down to Mexico, I popped the question and asked Brett to marry me! I had fun with this proposal. I contacted our friends and family from all over the county and asked them take a picture holding a letter. Once I strung them all together it spelled "Will You Marry Me". I made a video with music that he watched on his 30th birthday in Mexico, and with teary eyes and open arms he said "YES" and we started the next chapter together in our lives. A wedding will be in a few years yet as all our focus and extra money is going towards starting a family.

Below is the proposal video I made for Brett, it was a lot of fun to make it so neat to see what we have accomplished in our time together so far.