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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Does my dog know we're pregnant?

Have you ever wondered just how intuitive your pets are? I saw something so beautiful and special tonight that I just have to share with you all..

Most of you know or have heard about Nikayla... She is one incredibly special dog that always knows how to turn a bad day into a good one..

Well today was not a bad day, but Nikayla made us all share a moment we will never forget.. Raylene came over to watch a movie tonight with Lucy, Brett and I. Shortly into the movie Nikayla came up to Raylenes side and started staring at her, she seemed to be intrigued and curious about her.. Nikayla has seen Raylene several time before so she was no one new to her.. She then hoped up next her on the couch, wrapped her arms around Raylenes belly and placed her head gently down on her belly while looking at Brett and I with loving eyes.
It was as if she was letting us know that she knows and will love and protect this new little addition to our family.. 

As we sit there in awe I remembered to late that Raylene is allergic to dogs and was starting to break out in hives! Raylene let her sit there while the hives multiplied to allow us all to enjoy this moment not knowing what was happening to her.. I quickly realized and got Nikayla off of her, but she refused to leave Raylenes side and layed on the floor next to her..

I would call that pretty special. Thank you Nikayla for showing us your excited and ok with our new addition and Thank you Raylene for despite your allergy to allow Nikayla her moment to show us all this.