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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Finding our Fertility Clinic

So within days of Raylenes offer to help us start a family we started the very fun process of finding a fertility clinic and working out how this really was going to work as we had NO idea.  I contacted Genesis Fertility Clinic in Vancouver and was connected with two incredibly supportive woman Sue and Paula. They both helped me through this entire process from the very start. I spoke with Paula first, we chatted a few times for up to an hour where she answered all my questions and gave me kind and encouraging words of wisdom. She really made me feel comfortable and confident with the process we were about to start. Paula then got me connected with Sue as Sue was who was going to assist us with the "Egg Donor" process as Raylene was going to be Gestational Surrogate for us.

So we had our first appointment with Dr Taylor and got that same warm and fuzzy feeling we got with Sue and Paula. I knew we found the team we wanted to work with to start our family. Dr Taylor again was so kind and encouraging and very supportive and excited for us. This had been an emotional roller coster for us with so many unknowns and I think she could sense my emotional state as I left her office from our second appointment, she looked at me and extended her arms and gave me a big hug and let me know she felt very positive about this and was excited for us.