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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Fertilization of the Eggs

The next stage is the fertilization of the eggs, this is were things get even more interesting. Brett and I both wanted the opportunity to have our own biological child so Olive Fertility fertilized 8 eggs with Brett's sperm and the remaining 7 with mine. This was done the day of the retrieval and we just had to sit back, pray and wait for nature to allow the process of these 15 fertilized eggs to turn into embryos. Through this entire process I have spent endless amounts of time chatting with my friend Candice about everything we were doing as she also went through this entire process with her husband which had the end result of a beautiful healthy and perfect little boy. She always kept me positive and always reminded me not to get discouraged with the numbers and that we only needed two healthy embryos for transfer. So I echoed her advised in my head over the next several days and she helped me stay grounded and I thank her for being such a special friend. She shared so much with me and helped me understand the process as an expecting parent but also as the woman going through all these procedures. It furthered my gratitude for Raylene and Lisa even more and it was already over the moon and back.

After 24 of the longest hours of my life I get a call from Olive Fertility and they let me know that 12 of the 15 fertilized eggs made it through the night and have formed into the start of a healthy embryo. I was told during this call that the goal is going to be for a Day 5 Blastocyst Transfer, but we must be prepared for a Day 3 transfer if they don't continue to grow. So now we wait 48 hours, as if the first 24 hours were not long enough... Monday (Day 3) rolls around and I get a call from Olive as I am driving into work and they advised me that all 12 have made it through to Day 3 and that we will be doing a Day 5 blastocyst transfer and to get Raylene prepared for this.