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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Its Transfer Time

October 22 - Its the night before transfer day, I can not believe its almost here it seemed so far away for so long. Raylene, Brett and I all stay in a hotel close to the clinic in Vancouver and spend the night building up our excitement for whats about to happen. As Raylene's husband drops Raylene off he jokes to us and says "Generally if my wife was to go and spends the night in a hotel with two men I would say better not come back pregnant, but this time I am going to say you better come back pregnant". We all laughed and it really showed the incredible strength and dedication in there relationship. Raylene and Jeremy have been together for 18 years and his support through this entire process shows what an special husband he is to Raylene and what a incredible friend he has become of Brett and I.

October 23 rolls around and there is a silent but peaceful vibe in our room and it carried us all the way to the clinic. It was finally here and all of our lives where about to change forever. We arrive at Olive and again are greeted by the receptionist and she shares "its finally time, I am so excited for you guys". Shortly after arriving we are taken to the patient area again and we all sat in the waiting room staring at each other in silence. We were all speechless, excited and nervous at the same time. After a short wait we were brought into the procedure room and Dr Hikari was our Dr again. He greets us and brings us two pictures and says " these could be your first baby pictures" It was two pictures, one of the Brett's Embryo and the other of mine. Earlier I mentioned that the clinic fertilized half with me and the other half with Brett. They also agreed to transfer one of each at the same time so we both have the same chances. Brett and I spent many hours talking about this and both understood that most likely only one would take if any and that it did not matter to either one of us on who's took. This baby was going to be our Baby no matter the genetic make up and nothing would change that. Dr Hikari then shares with us that out of the 12 embryos we have two perfect ones selected for transfer, one set to be frozen and the remaining to be observed over night to see if they can be frozen or not.  This entire process has been so fascinating from start to finish. At this time we are still in the procedure room and Dr Hikari and getting everything prepped for transfer. While he does this there is this big flat screen TV on the wall and its a live view of the embryos they are transferring waiting in a Petri dish. As I am memorized and fixed on the screen I have what I think is the first feeling of pride of fatherhood. Maybe a bit pre mature, but I felt something special in my heart at that very moment. For those who know us,  I am a get it done busy body and always on the move and Brett is my laid back relaxed husband that keeps me grounded... Well apparently that goes right through our DNA because as we watch the two embryos on the screen, Brett's stayed stationary and mine was moving around all over the place as if it was saying come on guys lets get err done! We all laughed and I know it most likely was not moving on it own but it did seem very fitting. within minutes the embryologist Jane comes in with a long needless (Thank god) syringe with our two perfect little embryos in it and minutes later they are implanted in place and the rest is left up to nature.

Heres a picture of the two little embryo's we transfer, who know this could be our first baby pictures!

With the uncertainty of our remaining embryos that are under observation for freezing we leave feeling very positive that this round is going to work. We are told that we would be contacted with 24 hours with an update on how many more they would be able to freeze. As we are leaving I quickly have to snap out of my thought that Raylene is now made of glass and trust the process and her body to do the rest. We at this time now have to wait 2 weeks till we can do our pregnancy test. This is the longest hardest period of time now for any IVF parent as we all so badly want to know if it worked and what to expect.

That evening Brett was in a hotel in Vancouver for a course for work, Raylene was at home and Nikayla and I were relaxing on the couch together. As most people going through IVF we all ran to the internet and we were all searching everything from "when will I feel pregnant after IVF" to "what should my embryo look like". It consumed us all as we all are hoping and praying this is going to work. Raylene having experience being pregnant with her three children obviously knew most of the answers we were all searching.