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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Day seven after transfer

The wait has been killing us, are we pregnant, are we not, will we have to do this all over again have been running through all our minds. Raylene and I have had lots of chats as Brett, her and I share all the blog posts of symptoms and story's we have been reading online. I now know the feeling that expecting parents go through as this initial 2 week wait has been extremely difficult.

So with all that said about how anxious we have all been I get a text from Raylene tonight as I am leaving work and she said she needs to see us and wanted to come over. At that moment so many things are crossing my mind from the very best to the very worst and have feelings of do I want to know, can I handle the news she might be sharing?

I pull into our driveway and Raylene is just pulling in behind me and her Husband is with her. This could mean so many things, but lets stay calm and keep breathing.. We walk into the kitchen and with a little smirk on her face she drops a home pregnancy test on our counter and says its looking like your going to be daddy's! Heart racing, mind shuts down I turn to Brett and give him the biggest hug and have this exciting sense of where our future is about to go.

We now have two new milestones to anxiously wait for! First comes our blood test which will solidify our home pregnancy test then comes our ultrasound to hear our baby or babies heart beat/s!