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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

5 weeks pregnant and counting..

We had another blood test today and the nerves of waiting for the results definitely do not get easier then the first.

I mentioned in a previous post that Raylenes HCG numbers were high with her first blood test. They were 835 and that was 12 days past our 5 day blastocyst transfer of our two perfect little embryos. Today which would be 20 days past her numbers shot upto 20130 which is a great strong number that we are so excited about!

For those of you reading this that have gone through ivf or going through ivf we can all connect on scouring the internet looking for answers and reassurance. The three of us have gone through this and still do despite our better judgement. It can be very calming to connect with others in similar situations and it can also be scary if you are not experiencing what others are.

I have learnt very quickly that you must take this all in with a grain of salt... Everyone's process will be different and we can not believe everything we read on the internet.. If I did I would be convinced we were pregnant with quadruplets! 

I have had some recent conversations with my dear friends at Olive in the last week and I have expressed my excitement and concerns with such high numbers and they have reassured me these are great healthy numbers and it could be the result of the embryo attaching right away or could be the exciting prospect of more then one baby!

On the note of mulitples.. It's a very exciting thought and we have always wanted two children. Since we can not conceive on our own, having two at once could potentially be a lot easier! But now the thought of what if there is more then two! Even if it's twins I mentioned to Brett we just might have to trade our Honda Accord in for a nice new Honda Odyssey, he laughs and quickly dismisses the idea but in the back of my mind I don't think he really knows how much stuff comes along with one baby let alone two..well only time will tell.. Say some prayers for us between now and the 23rd for a nice strong healthy Heartbeat/s!