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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Day eight after transfer

Oh what a day... Its funny how I have now started associating every aspect of my life with fatherhood... Today my very close friends Paul and Cheri had a beautiful precious baby girl. I stopped by for a quick visit, dropped off a gift and had a chance to hold little Macie. As soon as I walked into there room I was automatically greeted by two gleaming "New" parents. I could feel there hearts filled with love and appreciation for there healthy perfect little girl they together brought into this world. As I am holding her I look at her adorable little innocent face and imagine in nine months this will be me holding my perfect little angel. I am so happy for Paul and Cheri and the new addition to there family, it really shows me what I yearn for so bad and hope to be as lucky as the two of them and have a warm loving home filled with children of our own...

Our BFF Nina came over today and we carved pumpkins, it was a lot of fun. As we are carving pumpkins I am thinking to myself and looking at our big kitchen table and visualizing our kids all at the table with us carving pumpkins as family, sharing stories, laughing and enjoying each others company.

I also helped my little brother move to chilliwack today, and again started thinking.... Is this what moving my son for the first time is going to feel like? Its so strange these feelings I have been having lately, but I know its for a reason and will embrace them until i get the chance to live them for real.

Raylene took another Home pregnancy test today too! Its still a positive. She took one of those digital first response ones and it stated she was 3 weeks pregnant which is pretty much where she would be with a successful transfer. This is incredibly exciting and still can not wait for blood test and first ultrasound to hear our little one/s heartbeat/s! Keep you posted!