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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Day twelve after transfer

Blood test day has finally arrived and this has been a day we have all be excited and nervous for. After taking a few home pregnancy tests all with positive results and Raylene have early symptoms we are feeling pretty confident, but know nothing is for sure.

Raylene and I have set up with our friend Nina to take her blood first thing in the morning to allow for us to get the results same day. Nina was able to get us to sign a waiver which allowed her to disclose our results to us once they come in.

Drum Roll please.......It was a BFP, its official we are pregnant! We have now hit another major milestone and have another one around the corner with our first Ultrasound. This will be to see our little ones heart beat and see if there is more then one. Raylenes HCG numbers where quite high for this point of her pregnancy, so there is that possibility there could be more then one! We will see what happens and will be happy with one or two.. All we want is a healthy baby in the end. So excited right now, will keep you updated on the next stage!