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Saturday, 1 February 2014

17 weeks and counting

Wow where has time gone… it seems like just yesterday we were in the elevator up to Olive Fertility getting ready for our transfer…and I blink and we are 17 weeks pregnant with TWINS! Every Friday Brett and i wake up to an early morning text msg from Raylene giving us a celebratory next week update of her pregnancy with our little babies,  which is something we have grown to look forward too…

This past week Raylene had three appointments, one with her Family Dr, the next with our obstetrician and finally the a waited for ultrasound to check in on our little ones. All appointments went great, Raylenes health is fantastic and babies are growing on track and have perfectly healthy little heart beats. Baby A is our active little one that is constantly moving around and was a little tricky to get a good picture off had a heart beat of 161 and our little relaxed Baby B had a heart beat of 136.

The last few weeks have been huge growth weeks for the little ones.. In the last 3 weeks they have almost tripled in size and are about 7.5-8 inches each! Raylene just had to go get maternity clothing due to there growth which is exciting in itself. She just got her hair done the other day and she's just glowing and as beautiful to be.. She met some limitation this week as she is now approaching the second half of her pregnancy and her body is letting her know that she can't do everything she is used to such as the heavy lifting at work, but other then that she's been the healthiest person at work as several colds and flues have gone around..

So to give you all a little more info on the last ultrasound, it went great. The babys are starting to look more like little people which is so cute. They are also both very close to each other which is adorable as they have room to be further apart, but are choosing the nestle up to each other. I am starting to already see why so many twins fraternal or identical have this incredibly special bond that non twins will never understand. We are already seeing the beautiful bound develop already, even as early as 17 weeks which is so amazing to see.

Many people have asked if we will be finding out the Gender or not… We went back and forth on this one and both decided that since its twins it would be easier for us to prepare if we knew beforehand. We have decided to do a Gender Reveal Party at our house with all our Friends and Family. Our Friend Elissa will be making two cakes, one for Baby A and the other for Baby B and when we cut into the cake and if its pink inside it will be a girl and if its blue inside it will be a boy. She is also making little bit size Baby A and Baby B cupcakes and she's going to pipe the co ordinating colour of icing into each one for our friends to have as we cut into our cakes.. The really cool part about this all is Brett and I will have no idea what they are at this point and will be finding out with all of our friends and family. The only ones that will know will be Raylene as she needs to let Elissa know what the results are.. So so excited for this.

Thats all I have for you at this time, feel free to comment if you have any questions and we will be more then happy to answer them for you. Many of you have shared our blog on your Facebook which we really appreciate as sometimes my own Facebook can limit its reach and not get to everyone that is interested in reading our story. I have had several message from people I have never met before saying they have been inspired by our story and want to start this process with there partners and need some extra guidance and support. I feel so blessed to be able to be that extra support for these couples as they embark on this exciting journey, so never be scared to reach out.

Chat soon my friends!