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Monday, 17 February 2014

The Big Reveal Party!

Yesterday we had our big gender reveal party with all our friends and family and I have to say we were both incredibly touched with the out pouring of love and support we really have. This has been a long road for Brett and I and every time I look at Raylene’s glowing face and growing belly it makes all the ups and downs worth it. For those who may not know we hosted a Gender Reveal Party at our house and our Friend Elissa (THANKS SO MUCH!) made two amazing cakes that revealed the gender of our babies inside.. The inside of the cake would be Blue for a Boy and Pink for a Girl…

As the morning started we were both running around trying to get everything ready and thanks to the help of Bev, Nina, Lucy, Jeremy and Raylene(Thanks Guys!!!) we were able to get everything ready before people started to show up. The arrivals were slow to start but before we knew it we had roughly 100 people in our living room, dining room and kitchen… Thank goodness for an open floor plan lol..

As the day progressed the time to do our cake cutting came closer! Brett’s Mom, Sister, Niece and Step Dad were not able to join us in person so we had them set up on Skype on the counter as everyone crowded around trying to get the best view! It was incredibly overwhelming in all the right ways. We looked up to all our amazing friends and family and all we see is cameras and phones in the air taking video and pictures of the big reveal. They are all truly excited as we are. All these amazing people have become an extension of our family and will have such a positive impact on our children’s lives when they come into this world..

So the time has come to cut the cake, we are surrounded by all our friends and family in person and some on Skype and a group of special ladies who bought a data package so they could Face Time the big reveal from there trip down to the states. At this time my heart is pounding out of my chest.. This entire process we have been hoping for a boy and girl or two boys but honestly would have been thrilled with any combination. So with that said, Brett cuts into the first cake and what do we see…PINK!!!!! It’s a girl! Everyone in the room burst out cheering!  Yay we are 50% there lol… This little one was very stubborn because they had their legs crossed the entire time through both most recent ultrasounds. The ultrasound tech said they are 80%+ sure that this little one is a girl, and we are crossing our fingers it gets to 100% once they uncross those little legs of theirs lol.

Time to cut the second cake, looking around the room as it goes completely silent with everyone holding their breaths to see what the next little one will be. I cut the cake this time with my hands shaking with excitement and joy. As I cut into this cake what do we see….BLUE!!!! It’s a boy!! The “crowd” went wild in our house, via Skype and facetime.. We were so over joyed.. This little guy had no trouble showing its goods so we got a 100% on our little man here…

 Reflecting on the entire day, I would not have changed one thing. Our house was filled with so much love and positive energy you could feel it. It was such any amazing feeling. In closing I want to say thank you for everyone that was able to make it and the out pouring of support via Facebook, email, text and phone calls. Again so lucky to have such a great community of friends and family, we do not have words to express how muh for love and adore you all. Our children are so lucky to have each every one of you to fill their lives with love and acceptance and we are forever grateful for that. I would also like to say Thank you to Raylene, Jeremy and there three incredible children. Your family has forever changed the landscape of ours. Raylene’s been so strong through this entire pregnancy and the love and support she gets from Jeremy and the kids is incredible. I could see the look in all of your eyes that you are just as excited as us for these little ones to come into this world. You all will have a forever role in these babies’ lives and they are extra lucky for you.  

One last thing… We need help with girls names!! We have a few we like but nothing we have 100% set on.. Want a say on what we name our Daughter? Post your fav girls name below!

Link to the video below :)

Lots of Love,


Justin, Brett, Baby Boy “B”, Baby Girl “A” and Nikayla