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Sunday, 6 April 2014

26 weeks... Boys...Girls....Nurseries....AND MORE!

Its been a while since I last wrote,  and so much has happened that I want to share with you.. Where to start though..

Since my last post we have had three ultrasounds, two scheduled and one 3D to get a final confirmation on the sex of the babies again.

So to answer our question and now yours about how are the babies doing and did we get a final confirmation on the sexes?.. They are doing fantastic and yes its confirmed 100% now that we are having a little boy and girl!! They are growing, kicking (Sorry Raylene) and bonding already. We had the special opportunity to see them through a 3D ultrasound and it was so cute to see them interacting with each other already! Near the end of the Ultrasound our little guy was nestled up to his sister and had his head resting on her chest. It was so cute and awesome to see this special bond starting so early!

Raylene has been doing great, She so graciously spent her 40th Birthday Party pregnant with our twins and was so amazing about it. She looked as beautiful as ever and near the end as her party was ending she gave Brett and I a very special gift that will give the warm and fuzzy to any expecting parents. She let us feel our little babies move for the first time. It was something so special for us both. I can vividly remember the feeling of the movement myself and then watching Brett's hand compressed on Raylene's belly and then his face lighting up "There they are! I felt them!" ... The look on his face was priceless.. It was our first proud Daddy moment together and we will hold tight to that memory forever.. Thank you so much for that Raylene!

So moving ahead and bringing you up to today.. Raylene is currently 26 Weeks 3 days pregnant with our two little angels. I get daily updates on there movements, sleep patterns (Or lack off lol) and their "Martial Arts" training.... Kick, punch, jab (Ouch).... As Raylene and I work together everyday, I always have the chance to stay connected with how she and the babies are doing and I feel so blessed for that.

Brett and I went out with my Mom (Grandma Barillaro) last weekend and bought all the nursery furniture. This was an exciting milestone moment we have been waiting for such a long time. It was so much fun! I loved watching my mom gleaming over all the cute little outfits she can buy her little granddaughter and grandson. She's already spoiling them and has been such a great help in preparing us with many of the essentials we need. We also recently had our friends Leah and Carmen over to discuss our nurseries and the design and layout of everything. Our friend Carmen is incredibly talented in her field and has sent me over two Mock-Ups of the rooms and how they are going to look! She is starting in a couple weeks and can't wait to see the transformation and share with you!

We have some of our friends starting the planning of our baby shower which is so exciting and coming up quick too! I am so excited to bring all our friends and family together again to celebrate these little ones and have a chance to connect with all the special people that have joined Brett and I in the amazing journey.

As the time comes closer and closer Brett has been finding himself facing a bit of anxiety himself. As most of you know Brett will be staying home and taking on the very vital and special role as stay at home Dad. This is a very big role for anyone to step into with one baby let alone two.. He's questioning his ability lately to be able to make it on his own while I am at work and I remind him daily what an incredible daddy he's going to be for our children and I could not have wanted anyone more perfect them him to raise our children. I think this feeling plagues most new parents. No matter how ready you make yourself, you will always have these feeling until you are fully immersed in your role as a parent. Brett and I have wanted children for so long, these little ones will have so much love and support not only from there Daddies, but our families and amazing network of friends!

Brett and I are also going to Vegas next week for what we are calling our "Baby Stag".. Our last big "Hurrah" for a while, so we are going to make it count lol. While I am so excited I have the natural anxiety of being to far away from Raylene and the kids and I can only imagine how I will feel about leaving them once they are actually here. When we get back Raylene will be approaching 29 weeks and we will be no longer then 9 weeks away from finally meeting our two little ones.

Wow that was a lot of information lol. I promise not to make it so long in between our next post. Thanks so much for following our story, we get approached daily by people who have read our journey and have been moved and touched by our story. So thank you all so much for sharing our exciting moments with all your friends and family and most importantly with us.

Chat soon....