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Saturday, 26 April 2014

29 weeks pregnant with TWINS - count down begins!

Its been an eventful few weeks. In my last post I mentioned that Brett and I planned a trip with our friends Leah and Carmen down to Vegas for what we were calling our "Baby Stag" and an early yearly trip we always do with these two amazing ladies..

The trip was absolutely amazing! Our friends Toni, Kari, Dael and new friend Lessa joined us on this trip to also celebrate Toni's 40th Birthday, and what better place to celebrate both of these things then Vegas! I can honestly say we all truly had an exceptional Vegas experience that we will laugh about for years to come. Thanks so much Ladies for making this trip so special for us both, love you all!

The day after getting back from Vegas we met up with our friend Candice who then took us on the adventure of creating a baby registry and let me tell you it was one real adventure. We are so thankful to have great friends like Candice who have helped guide us through this process and supported us with the tremendous amount of questions we have had along the way.

So many have asked where our registry is and we have set it up at Babies R Us (Registry # 61142742). This process was a bit overwhelming as we went through the isle picking things up wondering what this does and that does and with the helpful advise of Candice we were able to compile a list of things that would really assist us in bringing these two little bundles of joy up healthily and happy!  It was very surreal going through the isle and looking at everything you need before our little ones will be coming home. Looking at all the different toys, clothes, cute little bath tubs, etc... It made me even more exciting to bring them home. Filled my heart with so much joy and excitement! Its been really neat going through all these different stages throughout the pregnancy as you hit different milestones.

We have also had another ultrasound just this past Wednesday and I have to say it was our best yet. I got a bit of constructive criticism my last post from some ultrasound technicians when I had mentioned that I felt that many were disconnected from the expected parents and that I have not really had the greatest experience thus far. Our feelings were very real about this and many people have shared the same views as we have. I was lucky enough to have feedback from three U/S technicians and they kindly shared with me why they can not say much and how they personally are always connected to the best outcome for every child they scan. I sat back and reflected on there feedback and thanked them for shedding a bit of light on a subject I was not as familiar with, however they also where not part of the few not so great experiences we had. I errored in generalizing an entire field in how I was feeling, however each situation is unique and not all people have the same connection and values that these three had shared with me. So back to our last ultrasound... It was fantastic. Our technician was kind, engaged in conversation with us and did not give us any information he could not share with us, but was just very friendly which created a great experience for us! The babies were looking great, hearts will still beating away so strong and both were measuring pretty much exactly the same which was great to see! its interesting as these ultrasounds get closer to the end to see less and less in one shot as they are getting so much bigger! Our little girl, Baby A was being a little shy and he had a hard time getting a great shot of her, but managed to get one silhouette of her which was nice!

Raylene has still been feeling great too, she is truly one incredible woman. She's 29 weeks pregnant with twins and still working full time at work, and at home with the help of her amazing family! She also had the opportunity to meet Bretts Mom and Step Dad a couple days ago. We all had a nice dinner together and had a chance to enjoy each others company. As I watched Bretts mom look at Raylene's belly from time to time I could see her heart filled with so much joy and excitement knowing that her two little grand babies are in there being nurtured and loved by Raylene until we get to bring them home. It was a very sweet thing to witness and I was so happy they all had a chance to meet before the babies arrive!

The Baby Shower planning is also in full Swing! Thanks Lucy, Toni, Bev, Nina and my mom for all your hard work in putting this together. We are blessed with an amazing amount of great friends. Toni  and Dave have opened their doors to their restaurant to host our Baby Shower which is so nice because the number of people coming is growing by the day! If you have not responded to the Facebook Invite yet, please do :) We will be preparing lots of food and need to make sure we make enough! So So excited!

 The girls have put together a little diaper draw for anyone that wanted to enter! Its easy and you can win several hundreds of dollars worth of stuff! All you do is bring a pack of diapers (With receipt) with you to the baby shower and you will get your name entered in to win one of the prize baskets!

Here is a list of the prizes so far that will be split between two baskets, which have a total value of around 700 - 900 each basket!!

Rendezvous Restaurant (Chilliwack) - Gift Certificate - Value $75.00 - (Thanks Toni and Dave)
Art of Driving School - 3 Hours Driving Lesson - Value $195.00 - (Thanks Lori (Mom) )
Art Of Driving School - Movie Night Out (Ciniplex) - Value 45.00 (Thanks Lori (Mom )
Lashes By Nina - Full Set of Lashes - Value $150.00 (Thanks Nina)
Queen B Salon - Free Hair Cut and Product - Value $93.00 (Thanks Brandi and Kim)
Gente Bella - Spa Pedicure - Value $50.00 - (Thanks Sherry and Terri)
Tropicanna Tanning Studio (Sardis) - Product and Tanning Minutes - Value $257.00 (Thanks Tasha)
Kathys Cleaning Services - 3 Hours Cleaning - Value $60.00 - (Thanks Kathy)
Captains Tattoos - Gift Certificate - Value $100.00 - (Thanks Spencer)
Vitamin - Health and Wellness Package - Value $225.00 - (Thanks Amanda)
Lori - Wine Package - Wine Glasses, 2 bottles of wine and wine opener kit - Value 150.00 - (Thanks Mom)

+++More Added Daily+++ So these baskets are going to pretty amazing!! Thank you to everyone that has contributed to these baskets. Diapers and Formula are the two things that will be Brett and I's biggest expense starting off, so the support we have been getting so far is incredibly appreciated it. A few people recently asked if they could enter the draw if they were not able to make it to the shower and the answer is Yes! You just need to get in touch with Lucy/Toni/Nina/Bev or my Mom and they will get you entered if you are interested and can't make it to the shower!

In closing.. The rooms are really coming along.. Carmen has the base colours on now, just need one more coat and they she will start the trees and really begin to bring the room to life! So so exciting. Our little ones arrival can really be at any point now, so trying our best to prepare as much as we can. We are crossing all our fingers and toes to make it to at least 35 weeks and with how Raylene has been feeling I think that will be a very real possibility!

Thanks for following, we have gained great friends from all around the world. My last post had over 4000 views in one afternoon from everyone sharing, so if you can take a moment and share our blog it would be greatly appreciated it!

Till our next update my friends, stay Healthily, Happy and Positive!