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Friday, 16 May 2014

32 Weeks Pregnant with TWINS - Over night hospital visits

So the past 72 hours have been eventful, many highs and lows and everything in between. All in All everything that is happening is really showing us that our little ones will be here soon and we better continue to get ready.

So Raylene is starting to be monitored much more regualarly as you would expect with being pregnant with twins. She has had a very easy pregnancy thus far, with no morning sickness and shes felt great on the most part the entire time. The last couple weeks however have presented a few potential problems that need to be watched closely to ensure Raylene and the babies continue to stay healthy. The concern that has come up recently is her blood pressure has gradually started to climb to a point where it needs to be checked daily and with blood work and non stress tests weekly as well.

Raylene and I went for her follow up appointment with her Dr this past Wednesday and she had mentioned that she wanted Raylene to have her blood work done again and wanted us to go over to the hospital for a non stress test for the babies to make sure everything was still going as it should. So we left her office, zipped back to work so Raylene could put her order in then we headed back to the hospital and up to maternity for her follow up tests. Once she was all checked in they decided it would be best if she spent the night so they could continue to do a few more tests including another ultrasound and non stress test the following afternoon.

Shortly after getting all checked in the Dr on duty came in and started asking a bunch of clarifying questions on her general health, previous pregancy and such as our regular OB was away on vacation. He then shared what the potenial plan was if they could not get Raylenes blood pressure under control . First step was to potentially put her on blood pressure medication and modified bed rest. If that would not work then he would need to give Raylene a steriod shot to help mature that babies lungs and prepare Raylene for delivery. As those words came out of his month my mind went on over load, "Is it really happening now" "Are they going to be big enough" "Will they all be ok" and my favorite one "Are we ready " (Who is ever 100% ready). So after the Dr left it gave us both lots to think about and I headed off to get Raylene dinner from the Rendezvous as she requested beef slovacki! We had dinner, chatted some more and her kids and husband came for a nice visit before the end of the night.

I popped in the morning to bring her breakfast and we sat down with one of the lead nurses and a social worker to go over the birth plan and what will happen once the babies get here. everything from breast milk, to where we will all be staying to freedom of information between all of us. As we have been since day one, we were both eactly on the same page and were able to share everything to ensure we are all looked after once this little ones decide to come.

After roughly 24 hours, two non stress tests, two rounds of blood tests, blood pressure monitoring every 4 hours it was detirmined that it was ok for Raylene to leave and go home with close weekly monitoring. The ultrasound went fantastic, the little ones were measuring really good with an estimates weight of 5.3 lbs and 4.13 lbs and were measuring two days ahead at 32 weeks 1 day. We were all a little surprised about how big they were already, but everything showed they were doing great and very healthy! It also showed that baby A was still head down and baby B was traversed which means sideways and they appeared like a T. This is actually not a bad position to be in for the babies to be born naturally since baby B might be able to be moved to head down once baby A is born!

We have told some of you about the legal aspect of all of this and it has been very straight forward. Many have asked what happens when babies are born with their birth certificates. We are working with one of the main fertility lawyers in BC and they provide all the documentation for the hospitals, and vital statistics to ensure the hospital knows that Brett and I are to be registered as the indended parents and that there wont be any issues with discharge from the hospital and our kids birth certificate. We got our first forms sent to us this week that outlines everything from start to finish from our Lawyer which makes things even more real seeing this all come together!  

Our friend Carmen came in this week and worked on Sawyers room some more. She worked on it while Brett and I were at work and we both rushed up stairs to see it as soon as we got home for the big reveal. I opened the door and my entire body became instantly covered head to toe in goosebumps...I was instantly filled with so much joy and excitement and could see that every brush stroke was thoughtfully and heartfully done. Our kids are so lucky to have Carmen creating such a loving space for them to enjoy. Once the rooms are completed I will post some pictures! So excited!

Carmen is doing two rooms, one for each so they can have there own space once they are ready for that. We will most likely have them sleeping in a double bassinet in our room to start and then once they are ready they will share one room for a little while longer then move onto there own rooms once they are ready. This all sounds good as I write it down, but who knows what will really happen as I am sure many of the things we think we will be doing will not be actually what we will be doing. As all new parents do, we will learn as we go.

We'll this my friends has been a long update, thanks for everyone's constant love and support and my updates will most likely become more regular as delivery comes even closer!