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Monday, 7 July 2014

Community of LOVE - Jordyn and Sawyer are 1 month!

 Hey everyone! What a week, sorry it's been a little while since I have written.

The last couple weeks have been once again another whirlwind. Where to start... 

My last post was Father's Day and little Sawyer was still in the hospital. As you most know he's home now and has been here for the past two weeks and settling in great with us and his sister Jordyn. 

Since they have been home the support has been amazing! We have had a steady flow of visitors and many with freezer dinners in hand which has been such a great help. You never know how much you miss a home cooked meal until you spend a month eating fast food and restaurant food while the kids were in hospital. So needless to say thank you everyone that helped us out here, you have know idea how helpful it's been! 

In recent weeks we have had a steady flow of media outlets contacting us requesting interviews to share our story further to the world. We feel so touched that our story has been so inspiring to so many and makes writing each one of these post so worth it. Recently we have had two articles in the local papers and a live interview with CBC Radio! The radio interview was a first for Brett and I.. It was a bit nerve racking, was a bit shaky at the start but realized that we have a special message to share and that gave us the power to push through and pull ourselves together. 

Below are the links to the articles:

Not only have we been contacted by the media we have had an out pouring of messages from people all around the world. I would like to share a little bit of the feedback we have been getting. 

I have had several parents of gay sons and daughters contact me and let me know that our story has helped them understand and feel more confident that there loved ones can still have a life full of love and a family of their own if they wanted. They have shared it's helped heal there hearts from feeling lost and concerned to feeling proud and excited. 

We have also had several LGBT couples and singles contact us letting us know that our story instills hope and has opened doors they never knew were possible. 

Both of these touch my heart so much on so many levels. I remember being a young gay man and feeling so lost and not willing to accept who I was because of fear of everything I would lose. How could I have a loving committed relationship if I could not love myself for who I was. It took me years to fully accept and I was lucky to have people along the way to help me get to where I am today. 

So this post I dedicate to my fellow lgbt friends and their loving families and friends.  and I share a message of hope and unconditional love. Put your hearts and minds together and you will be able to achieve anything with no limitations. And for the moms, dads, brothers, sisters and friends know that your love and support goes a long way. Know that sexual orientation does not bring limitation but rather opportunity to push forward for what's most important. You all give me inspiration to continue writing and also show me how lucky I am that Brett and I pushed so hard for what we wanted so bad. 

Yesterday was also my birthday! I turned the big 29 and it gave me an opportunity to reflect on my life and where I am at. 

I woke up at 2am picked up my beautiful daughter as she was awake and ready to eat and I gazed down at her perfect little self in complete awe. All the ups and downs and emotions were worth every moment as this little princess and her brother our now our complete world. They both have inspired so much strength in us both and we have now fully realized who we are as men and what we are truly capable of. 

And a little update on how life has been since we have had them both home.. We have been adjusting really well. They have slept through most nights and are feeding every four hours. We have only had a few sleepless nights since they have been home so we can count ourselves lucky.. We wonder if this is just the calm before the storm.. We have been doing really great at creating a schedule and have been working together to ensure there needs are met and that includes loving them to bits.. 

Some have asked how we have been holding up emotionally. Brett and I talked extensively about how children can affect relationships, the good the bad and the ugly. Everything from learning to be parents together to being sleep deprived, it can cause an array of issues. We promised ourselves we would try our best to not be reactionary with our feelings and always take a deep breath and talk things through.. While in theory this all sounds good it's not an easy task at times when your get to your weakest emotions moments. I would say we have been able to talk through 90% of potential issues that could have arised and have only a 10% fail rate which I am pretty proud of lol! I recently spoke with a father of twins who also happened to be a customer of mine at work and he said something that has stuck with me. He talked to me about the importance of being a team with your spouse and communication. I took it to heart and carry it with me. 

I am going to close this post with our amazing family photoshoot with Devon Hall a local Chilliwack photographer. 

I have been following Devon on Facebook for years and seen her capture special moments for local
Families over the years. These moments are truly beautiful and so pure. Her talent amazes me daily as I see her art come though my Facebook feed.  Seeing these beautiful families made us so excited to have a family of our own one day to capture our own moments. 

Upon meeting Devon for the first time she welcomed us into her studio and we felt an instant connection. She started right away and made us feel so comfortable and was so sweet caring and gentle with Sawyer and Jordyn. Her gentle touch was calming and soothing to our children and allowed her to take some beautiful pictures. We look forward to working more with Devon over the years and building upon our budding new friendship her and her family moving forward. 

Link to album!

Will have some more updates soon my friends. Thanks so much for helping get our blog around the world. We have had almost 300000 views so far! 

Blog soon!