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Friday, 13 June 2014

Our First Fathers Day

Today is Fathers Day! It gives me goosebumps to know that this day now involves and celebrates us too! When I first came to terms with being gay the thought of not being able to have children crushed me to the core. I from a very young age thought much about a family of my own and what type of father I would be. I promised myself I would be a loving, accepting, encouraging and involved father. I promised myself that my children would always be my priority and my constant commitment would be to them. As I laid in bed at a young age, absent of a father I promised myself that I would never make my child feel not important and alone. Some storys I have read state many men turn into there fathers when they have children, but I promised myself that I would break that trend. Now our children are here and I have started living out my "Promises" already with the most amazing husband I could ask for.

Today we also celebrate the first full day home with our little Jordyn. While this is such an incredible milestone for our little sweet heart, it was hard for the three of us to leave last night without Sawyer but we all said a little prayer for his quick return home so he can join us soon. 

Many have asked how the first night with Jordyn was.. It was amazing.. Brett and I were so in tune with eachother for her care it was amazing.. We decided to stick with the hospital schedule of feeding every 3 hours and that seemed to work for her. She was not as settled as she was at the hospital, but she did great. We can most certainly tell she misses her brother.. 

We will be packing up soon and heading back to the hospital so we can all spend our first Father's Day together as a family. The hospital has let us know when Jordyn comes back for visits she can go into the crib with Sawyer while we are there with him which is great!

 I would like to take a moment and direct this to Brett now...


How fast time has passed since we first met five years ago. I remember our first date we had a casual conversation about wanting kids and I saw that spark as soon as I brought it up. I knew right then you wanted this just as much as I did.

It was not an easy road for us to get here but with the love and support we received along the way we now have two beautiful children together. Over the last 13 days I have watched you watchover and nuture our children. You have graciously taken on the big role of "Stay at home Daddy" and I know your going to be amazing. You gentle touch, and love and adore in your eyes is so comforting for not only our children but to me as well.

The last week I have been back at work while you spend up to 14 hours a day at the hospital watching over Sawyer and Jordyn until I can come and join the three of you. Your dedication to our children and to our family brings tears of joy to my eyes. I am so lucky to have you and will forever be greatful for our forever bond together which has grown so much deeper since the birth of our children.

I celebrate you today Brett, as an amazing Father and an amazing Husband. Your unconditional love for the three of us melts my heart and I can not wait for the exciting years ahead.

Happy Fathers Day Brett!

Love you Always and Forever,

Justin, Sawyer, Jordyn and Nikayla