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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

my open letter to our Surrogate and prospective Surrogates..

Dreams of little foot steps running through our home, forever leaving daily imprints in our hearts through loving experiences and memories created. 

Would have stayed a dream if it was not for you.. My life without you would have been with a void in my heart that could not be mended by anything but the opportunity of parenthood. Your love and compassion for the beautiful thing called family is such a natural thing that comes to you and it's so apparent by your selfless sacrifice you made to help us live our dream. 

Your loving gesture does not stop with us.. You have made us Daddies, but you have also made our parents grandparents, our sisters aunties, my brother an uncle, our nieces and nephews cousins.. You have forever impacted the lives of so many and created this circle of love so strong it can never be broken. All of this, because of you. 

You have given life to our children who get to experience this unconditional love that they deserve to feel and live each and everyday. All of this is because of you.. 

We experienced so much together during the time you carried our children.. From the moment of our first positive pregnancy test, our first ultrasound, the first time our baby's kicked to their arrival into this world. What made you even more special was these moments we shared together, you made them our moments as a couple and as joyful expecting parents. Although we could clearly not carry our children, you kept us so in tune and involved every step of the way we never missed a thing. All of these moments we experienced and continue to experience are because of you. 

Some say they were born to parent. I am one of those people.. My heart, my mind and my desire was always to be a Daddy one day.. The thought of this not happening was a heart wrenching thought too unbearable to accept. This was something I unfortunately would have had to accept if not for you and I am so grateful for what you have done for us. 

I wake up everyday next to my husband with the warmth in both our hearts as we feel so complete. I get to be silly, loving and playful each and everyday with my children. I get to experience new "firsts" every single day. I get to love, support, encourage and inspire our children to do great things in this world..Our children were given life, they are given the chance to create life and experience the love you have helped us live each and every day.. All of this, is because of you. 

I close this post to all surrogates and anyone who is considering being a surrogate. 

What a gift.. Words will never be able to explain the forever impact you will make on so many lives. Know that what you are doing warms the hearts of everyone around you and everyone connected to your intended parents. Unfortunately their are so many different couples unable to create their families without assistance. So many of us would not experience the joy of parenthood without you. I give you my utmost admiration for the sacrifices you make to help couples like us create a family of our own. Know your gift will never be forgotten and you will forever be imprinted in the hearts of many. 

You bring life, love, joy and the utmost happiness. I thank you on behalf of all all IP's for your love and commitment to us all. 

Heartfelt Love,


**in the coming weeks I will be sharing the loving impact of egg donors and their vital link in the creation of our family and many like ours. Surrogacy and egg donation are so special they deserve there own posts"