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Monday, 1 June 2015

Our first year together - Happy First Birthday Jordyn and Sawyer

Today you turn one my loves, but I also celebrate one year being your daddy and what an incredible ride it's been so far!

I often find I repeat my love and admiration for your both quite regularly, but it's challenging not to though.. I find myself regularly overcome with my emotions when thinking of you inspire me to be a better man and fill my life with a unique and special love I didn't know was possible. You two are always on my mind in everything I do and that will never change.  

I knew from the moment I set eyes on you both that your impact on others would be incredibly special. Within hours of you being born we had a steady flow of visitors that traveled far and wide to come meet you both.. They all looked down in admiration in how love brought something so special into this world. As they gazed down upon you both you looked back with that same love and appreciation of those who make our lives so special. I remember the incredible team at RCH and ARH both saying "wow these are two loved little ones" as they saw the steady flow of loving friends and family that came to welcome you both into this world. 

I have several times laid in bed thinking about how lucky I am to have you both and your Dad. Your adorable smiling little faces, your silly little giggles and your playful spirit keeps me on my toes and feeling so complete. I love everything about you both, even our not so great moments as they have lead to growth in us all. We as a family continue to evolve and love each other for who we are, even at the tender age of one. 

In our first year together as a family we have done so much! We hiked and explored the most western parts of Canada together at the age of four months, made fun trips up to the okanagon to visit your adoring family, learned to stand, say Dad and Dada and most recently Sawyer you have taken your first steps! You both have built beautiful and very special bonds with so many far and near. We as a family have been able to inspire couples just like your daddies to follow their dreams to start families of their own.. Our story is so special as it was built on a foundation of love. 

With all great things come challenges that no one can get away from.. Everything from your first falls, first fevers and colds, to just plain trying to figure out this big new world. Every tear you shed breaks my heart, but warms when Daddy snuggles can turn those tears around to smiles and giggles. The future will come with its own unique challenges but please always remember how special you both are and how much your both loved by not only us but our incredible family, friends and your forever "Army of Aunties". 

So today I celebrate you both and I thank you for making my life so complete. I thank you for not only impacting our lives in such a beautiful special way but also the thousands of people around the world that have grown to love and adore you both. You reach so many through the special moments we share as a family. You are loved by many and I as your daddy will always ensure this love is shared and appreciated. 

I will hold tight to every memory we create together with excitement for what each day will bring. I will always remember the tickle monster moments, me sleeping on the floor of your room just so you knew I was there, to how silly we become when it's just the four of us.. As the years go by and we all get older, one thing will always be the same.. You Sawyer and Jordyn will always be my baby boy and baby girl..

Happy First Birthday Jordyn and Sawyer, my love for you is unmeasurable and I am so excited for the journey we will continue to travel together as a family. 

Love always and forever,

Your Daddy J